Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tea & Books Challenge Update - March

I finished my second book (out of six) for this challenge, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clark. I am finding this challenge tougher than I expected.

The first difficulty I am having is finding books that I want to read that are 700 pages or longer. When I signed on I had several books in mind that I want to read, but closer examination revealed that most of them are not that long (500-650 pages mostly).

The other problem I am having is that it takes so long to read a long book (obviously not something I am in the habit of doing) that I keep wanting to pick up and read other things that draw my attention. This is OK, except that I have limited time to read (that job thing takes up a lot of time) and finishing the long books gets tougher the more other books I have going.

Of course, if it was meant to be easy, it wouldn't be called a "challenge" so I will press on. I did decide to enlist the law of averages to fit in one of the books that inspired me to take this on into the challenge. I finished 1Q84 (925 pages) and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (846 pages), which is 371 pages beyond the required 700 per book. I am applying that "credit" to The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (at 642 pages) and making it one of my 6 long books.

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  1. Congrats on finishing your second book! If it's any comfort, my own challenge is quite challenging for me as well! ;-)
    I've also read two of six so far and I have a few tomes to choose from as my next book for the challenge ... some are beyond 1.000 pages which is scary, hahaha!
    Happy reading!!


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