Monday, March 12, 2012

Musing Mondays Meme

This week’s musing, from ShouldBeReading, asks…
What book do you wish you were reading right now? Where would you take it to, if you could go anywhere to read for a while?

I wish I was reading Whose Body? by Dorthy Sayers. I was reading about her books recently and decided I really need to re-read them because I read all the Lord Peter mysteries when I was in college but I am hazy on the details and I want to revisit them. I have the book, but am in the middle of a big book at the moment and haven't started it yet and am anxious to.
I would take my book to the poolside of a Las Vegas casino. The ability to lay out in the sunshine reading a book in March (or any cold, yucky, New England month) is always my preference. We are having a bit of Spring here in NH at the moment, but it won't last. One of the lounge chairs in the picture below looks like the perfect spot to dive into a mystery novel. (The Flamingo Casino pool is pictured.)

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