Sunday, June 24, 2012

E: Evanovich

Janet Evanovich writes the Stephanie Plum novels. Stephanie is a New Jersey bounty hunter with a crazy family, wacky friends, a habit of getting her cars blown up, and two on-again-off-again boyfriends that she can't decide between.

The books are not great works of literature, but they are incredibly fun. Stephanie is a very appealing character--I think because on some level most of us are a lot like her--and the messes she gets herself into are outrageous and often very funny. The beautiful men who turn up every time she gets into a jam (which is constantly) don't hurt anything either.

The series is currently at book #18, and some of the books are better than others as mysteries. They are all worth reading (and are quick reads) if only to follow the ups and downs of Stephanie's love life.

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  1. I'm late getting around but I made it! I have not read any of her books. I know she is very popular. I must get around to it one of these days!


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