Friday, July 6, 2012

G: Grafton

Sue Grafton's Kinsey Milhone series has been coming out (one letter at a time) since 1982. Milhone is a former cop in Santa Teresa, California. She is generally a loner, but has a few solid friends who are regular characters in the series. While Kinsey's story, and her friends, add a lot of interest to the books the cases are front-and-center in these books. The latest installment in the series is V is for Vengeance (which I haven't read yet). The whole series has covered only a few years in Kinsey's life (U is set in 1988) so she still spends a lot of time in the public library looking at town records and criss-cross directories. She also gets into a lot of jams that a cell phone would get her out of. This time-warp quality adds a certain charm to the series though. Like any series there are some installments that are better than others (I didn't love K and I particularly liked S), but overall it is an enjoyable series. The audiobook versions, narrated by Judy Kaye, are excellent.

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  1. I read the early Sue Grafton novels around the time they came out, I think I got through F. Recently I purchased an omnibus of G, H, and I to get back into the series. I keep hearing such good things about the books. S especially interested me. I think I will like that they stay back in the 1980's. So thanks for this reminder and the motivator.


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