Sunday, September 23, 2012

National Book Festival 2012

Yesterday I was at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC. I was working at the New Hampshire table in the semi-controlled chaos that is the Pavilion of the States, so I was only able to hear one of the speakers. The talk I went to was one of my favorite authors, Colson Whitehead. I first discovered him (and his work) at the 2009 National Book Festival . This time he was talking about writing. Like his novels, his talk was insightful, funny, smart and irreverent.

The Festival was VERY well attended, and the day was nice (though a little hot for my taste). Each year there is a different artist chosen to create the various graphics for the Festival (including the map of the U.S. that I spent much of my day stamping). The artist this year was Rafael López and I thought his design was one of the best ones yet.

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