Friday, December 28, 2012

Challenge: Vintage Mysteries 2013

My Reader's Block is hosting the Vintage Mystery 2013 Challenge which I have decided to take on. Basically the challenge is to read 8 vintage mysteries (defined as written before 1960) during 2013 which fit into a set of categories (one book per category) defined on the challenge page.

I am little concerned about being able to actually get my hands on copies of the books to meet this challenge, but I am excited about reading more vintage mysteries. Some of the titles I am considering at this point are Why Shoot a Butler? by Georgette Heyer, The Black Dudley Murder by Margery Allingham (a locked room mystery from 1929), and Nine Wrong Answers by John Dickson Carr. There were a lot of vintage mystery authors discussed in the Alfred Hitchcock bio I just finished which I may want to read as well: British author Edgar Wallace known as "king of the thriller" (p. 124); Edwin Greenwood, author of various mysteries including The Deadly Dowager and Miracle in the Drawing Room (p.160); The Wheel Spins (1936) by Ethel Lina White upon which The Lady Vanishes was based (p. 206); Francis Iles' Before the Fact (1932, p. 267) or Malice Aforethought (1931, p. 278). Books by Dorthy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Erle Stanley Gardner, and Agatha Christie are also strong possibilities.


  1. Welcome, Mary! I hope you have good luck finding the books you want to read for this.

    1. Thanks! I work at a library with good interlibrary loan resources, so I am fairly optimistic about it.

  2. I joined this challenge for the 2nd year. I think I already have a good number of vintage books on my shelves to read for this challenge but I like your suggestions and I don't have any of those. Interesting that some were discussed in the Hitchcock bio. I knew about The Lady Vanishes but not the others. I will have to look into that bio.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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