Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Month of Letters

The Indextrious Reader announced on her blog that she is participating in A Month of Letters. This is a challenge that asks you to write and mail a letter every day that there is postal delivery during February (23 days according to the challenge organizer). You are also challenged to answer every real letter you receive in February. (You are not expected to respond to your junk mail!)

When I read Carolyn See's Making a Literary Life I was struck by her advice to write letters to people as a way of building your connections to the universe (I am totally paraphrasing that.) I started writing letters, but didn't manage to make the habit stick. When I was a kid my Mom got a letter from my grandmother every week (often with a packet of green KoolAid in it because we couldn't get that where we lived and it was a favorite). It definitely made getting the letters out of the mail box more worthwhile when there was the potential for something more fun than bills and advertising.

I am going to sign up for this challenge. I have already thought of several people I want to write to. If you would like to be on my correspondence list for February please email me your mailing address.


  1. Oh, I forgot about Carolyn See's recommendation for letter writing! Must read her book again.

    Glad I could share this project, I just love the idea of people all focusing on letter writing at the same time :)

  2. I met Carolyn and found her and her book and her advice quite inspirational. I followed her recommendation and wrote to a few authors - her included - and then I petered out. When I heard The Descendants was being adapted, I wrote to Kaui Hart Hemmings to congratulate her and got a lovely response back. You've inspired me to give it a go again but instead of A Month of Letters, I think I will have to do A Letter a Month :)

  3. This sounds like such fun! Wish I had stopped by earlier. Next time maybe! I guess the Post Office needs all the help we can give them too!


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