Sunday, January 6, 2013

CC Readathon - Ending Post

I have now completed my first readathon! You can check out the experiences of other participants at the Classics Club Readathon Ending Post.

Overall I spent more time reading during the 24 hours than I expected I would be able too. I read most of the day (9am - 5pm) with short breaks for minor household tasks, talking to my family, and blogging/checking in with the readathon. I had a social event to go to in the evening, but read for about 2 hours after I got back, then slept for a couple hours before reading some more. I woke up early this morning and read a little more just before (and a bit after) the readathon ending hour. Overall a very productive, pleasant reading day and only a reasonable amount of ribbon candy was consumed.

Here is my wrap-up questionnaire:
  1. What book(s) did you read during the event? I re-read "Murder in the Cathedral" (and wrote a post about it) ; I made good progress (the whole first epoch and a couple chapters into the second) on The Woman in White; and I read The Phantom Tollbooth.
  2. What book(s) did you finish? "Murder in the Cathedral" and The Phantom Tollbooth.
  3. What did you like about our event? I liked having a whole day scheduled for reading and I enjoyed the comments and posts from other participants. I really liked that it was laid-back and each reader set their own goals. Progress is good--whether it is a lot or a little--it's all progress. I liked the questionnaires, it was interesting to read the answers from other participants.
  4. Do you have suggestions for future Readathons through The Classics Club? I thought it was excellent, and I liked the supportive, but not pressuring vibe of it. I would have liked to see a couple more check-in posts at the Classics Club blog (maybe one every 6 hours?) If the checkin posts had a survey question for participants (like, are you enjoying the book you are reading more or less than expected?) that might have been interesting.
  5. Would you participate in future Readathons? Definitely. And next time I will be better prepared thanks to the excellent advice for participating in a readathon from Down the Writers Path


  1. You did well! I'll check out the advice on Down the Writers Path so I will be better prepared next time. :)

  2. Your end post summed up my feelings too!
    It was a lovely day thinking about reading and books and blogging all day!
    Thanks for the link to Down the Writers Path.

  3. Mary, thank you so much for mentioning my post. That's really kind of you, and I'm so glad you found it worthwhile.

    Love your wrap-up. I don't think I've heard of Murder in the Cathedral. I'll have to come back and read your review. (Too tired tonight....)

    I have the Woman in White on my Classics Club reading list, too. So glad you enjoyed the readathon. I, did too and, like you, read more than I thought I would. Looking forward to reading more here.

  4. Congrats on completing your first readathon! I didn't hear about this one in time.


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