Sunday, February 17, 2013

Books About Books

There is a new challenge over at mint condition, the Books About Books 2013 Reading Challenge.

For this challenge, which runs Jan 1- Dec 31, 2013, you can read any of the following:
  • Compilations of essays on authors/literature or reading pathways
  • Books about writing books
  • Fiction in which books play a big role
Books can be in any format – bound, audiobook, ebook, all books read during 2013 count – even if you started before January 1st, rereads absolutely count. Even though I already have quite a few challenges going this year, I am signing on to this one at the short story level of 6-10 books. I have already read at least two titles during 2013 that will count toward this challenge (I will include them in my February challenge update post) and I have a couple more in my to-read pile. Besides, I love books about books.

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  1. I am over the limit on challenges, but I did see this one and think it would be perfect. I am reading two of Nancy Pearl's Book Lust books right now, and I am always reading mystery reference books.


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