Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bout of Books - Wednesday

Report on day 3 of Bout of Books 7.0

I didn't get much reading in on Wednesday. I did visit  3 new-to-me book blogs and left some comments.

I got in about 60 minutes of audio-book listening (more of Bill Bryson on Australia) on my commute to work. I read
 50 pages of Lord Edgware Dies, including a chapter during lunch without which my page count would have been even lower.  TRR read 1 chapter (20ish pages) of his book.
Progress to date: 9 new blogs visited, 3 different books read, 1 book finished.


  1. Happy reading for today!
    Are you enjoying the Bill Bryson? I haven't read that particular book of his but really like his books in general.

    1. I am enjoying the Bryson. This is my 3rd (I think) of his books and I have liked some a lot more than others. This one is both informative and funny, so it is a winner.


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