Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Speaking from Among the Bones

Speaking from Among the Bones (Flavia de Luce, #5 )Speaking from Among the Bones 
by Alan Bradley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What!!?? That is really all I can say about the bombshell that ends this novel. The next book in the series better come out PDQ because I have a lot of questions. 
Overall Bradley seems to be back on track after the disappointing showing of the last installment in the Flavia de Luce series. This story was filled with red herrings, scientific tidbits, some interesting military history, and facts about organs (the kind they play in church). It was also full of Flavia being her fabulous self. The mystery is reasonably complicated, but wrapped up satisfactorily by the end. 

 I really liked this bit (from p. 212) about history:
"But why has nobody ever found this out?""History is like the kitchen sink," Adam answered. "Everything goes round and round until eventually, sooner or later, most of it goes down the waste pipe. Things are forgotten Things are mislaid. Things are covered up. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of neglect." 
This book counts toward my Canadian Book challenge.

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  1. Such a great read! I agree about the ending too -- what a shocker! Love this quote that you've shared, as well.


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