Friday, August 2, 2013

Challenge Update - August 2013

I haven't posted a challenge update since May, but I have been reading books that count toward my challenges.

I have read 9 Classics Club titles since September 2012, so I need to read at least one more before the end of August to stay on track. I am participating in Austen in August for which I plan to read books off my Classics Club list, so that should work out.

I have read 5/6 books in the What's in a Name Challenge. I thought I needed a "something you find in the kitchen" book until I realized that the Pie book I read in January totally counts. Pie is often found in my kitchen (though admittedly not as often as my husband would like). I still need to find a book with "a party or celebration" in the title. Suggestions would be welcome.

I need to read one more chunkster for the Tea & Books Challenge and have begun a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt by Blanche Weisen Cook. So far it is quite interesting, but a genealogical table would be really helpful.

I successfully completed the 6th Canadian Book Challenge which ended on July 1. I signed up for the 7th Canadian Book Challenge and haven't finished anything for it so far. I did start reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood which will be book 1 of 13 when I finish it.

I need to read 5 more books for the Colorful Reading Challenge, so a book per month will do it. I have read a book each for white, green, orange, and black and have books tentatively selected for blue, purple, yellow, scarlet (not too sure about this one), and grey.

I am a few books ahead of schedule (at 66%) with my Goodreads goal of 101 books in 2013 and have completed at least the minimum number of books committed to for the Vintage Mystery Challenge, the Foodies Read Challenge, and the Books About Books Challenge.

The Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge has disappeared from the blogosphere and I am therefore abandoning it.

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