Friday, January 2, 2015

Authors A-Z Challenge

I am joining the Authors A to Z Reading Challenge hosted by Samantha Lin.
Here are the basics:
-- Read a book written by authors with last names from A to Z, and try to collect every letter of the alphabet 
– Only last names count, so William Shakespeare would fall under S, not W 
– Speaking of Shakespeare, the books you read may fall under any form/genre: prose, poetry, drama; fiction, non-fiction, academic monographs… 
– Your books don’t have to be “physical” either–ebooks and audiobooks are more than welcome! – Crossovers with other challenges and re-reads are also more than welcome!

I think I am going to do periodic updates (quarterly maybe) with my list of books read for this rather than have one master post. I was unsure about finding authors for some of the letters (I'm looking at you X) but a bit of browsing at a local bookstore and my public library (both of which, like most places, shelve fiction alphabetically by author) reassured me that there are plenty of options out there.

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