Thursday, July 2, 2015

9th Annual Canadian Book Challenge

Even though I was worried I wouldn't make it through 13 books for the 8th Canadian Book Challenge I managed to complete that challenge with a couple days to spare. (Lisa completed it with months to spare.) I have signed on for another year of Canadian books with the 9th Canadian Book Challenge. The levels this time have a music theme, and 11 books is marked by one of my favorite albums ever, so I will have to read at least 11 Canadian books between now and Canada Day 2016.


  1. I'm sure you'll make it to 13 again! Happy to see a few of my favorite albums on the challenge levels as well. Thanks for including my link...was nice to see the review of the ones I read, I'm getting started on book #1 today.

  2. Hi! As a Canadian, I'm a member too. I have three challenges of my own, I'd like more people know about it. :) Reviews aren't required but there are fun pages to keep records of those who like to link them.


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