Sunday, September 20, 2015


Another  Bloggiesta wrapped up!

Here is my TO DO list and how each thing went:
  • Write and schedule for posting as many Book Notes NH posts as I can get done (at least 5)
    • wrote and scheduled 5 on Wednesday, 3 on Friday(+a bunch of blog administration tasks)
  • Clean up my bibliographic manifestations blogroll
    • There were 91 blogs there to begin with. I deleted ones that had not published in 4+ months (with a few exceptions like readathons) and ones that write about books I'm not interested in reading. Most of those got there because of readathons or other blogging events, but after the event is over I don't read them because our interests don't overlap. I now have 49 blogs listed and I commented on 5. I am looking forward to reading some of these again that had gotten lost in the huge list. 
  • Clean up my Urban Quilter blogroll
    • There were 48 blogs there to begin with. I visited everyone and decided to keep links to 33 of them. I had added a couple on Saturday that I cleared out of the blogroll on my book blog.
  • Clean up my Urban Quilter link list
  • Brainstorm future blog post topics for all 3 of my blogs 
    • This was not very successful, I came up with a couple of ideas but wasn't all that inspired by any of them. 
  • Check out at least 3 Mini-Challenges
    • Completed Trish's Template Challenge  
    • Completed the Blogroll Overhaul Challenge at Bay State Reader's Advisory(details above)
    • I read Clean Up Your Email at Guiltless Reading which was excellent and I may implement the setup she recommends in the future. Also in the "need to check out later" category was Mention which Book Bumblings did a mini-challenge on.
  • Join in on at least 1 Twitter Chat
    • Participated in Saturday morning's chat on Visuals -- considered the points that were raised and decided overall I am happy with the choices I have made re colors (purple!), animated gifs (no), and coding (let the software deal with it for me)
  • Eat Mexican food (it seems to fit well with bloggiesta!)  
    • I forgot when I made my list that this weekend was Glendi -- so I ate Greek food instead. 

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  1. We had so many similar items on our lists, and I even went out for Mexican food on Saturday night, too! I did Trish's template mini challenge and considered the Clean Out Your Inbox one, but didn't have time to tackle that one. Thanks for doing the Blogroll Overhaul Mini Challenge! It was my first time offering a mini challenge and I was afraid no one would want to do it!


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