Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Night at the Vulcan

Night at the Vulcan (Roderick Alleyn, #16)Night at the Vulcan by Ngaio Marsh
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Entirely set in a theater during the run up to a new play this one had me convinced I knew who-done-it and then totally surprised me.
"When she considered them all as they sat about their own working-stage, bruised by anxiety and fatigue, Jacko's ugly word sounded not so much frightening as preposterous. It was unthinkable that it could kindle even a bat-light of fear in any of their hearts." (chapter VIII)
This quote made me wonder what a bat light is. I looked around but couldn't locate an answer. It might be like a ghost-light, or there are high-power flash-lights called bat lights, but that makes no sense in the context. Any ideas?

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