Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lisa' Review: Modern Selvage Quilting

Modern Selvage Quilting by Riel Nason

My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I was reading a work of fiction by Riel Nason a while ago, I was curious to see what other books she had written and pleasantly discovered that she is a quilter and had authored a book on selvage quilting. I had never heard of selvage quilting, but was intrigued by the idea, so the book went on my wish list.

What a great book! Nason's instructions for how to work with selvages, the three methods for how to sew with selvages, and the 17 projects were very well organized and described, making them very easy to follow. The supporting illustrations are helpful, and the pictures are definitely a quilters 'eye candy' - or at least they are for me as I am a sucker for bright fabrics. I also really enjoyed looking at all of the various interesting selvages featured in the projects.

I would love to make a project from selvages, but not sure if I will ever get to it. If I find myself with fabrics that have interesting selvages, I may start to save some, and someday might have enough to make a project, but will need to remember to cut the selvages with 1/4 - 1 inch into the fabric to make and end result that is interesting - that is not always feasible.

On my list of projects I'd be interested in making from this book are the Make Every Scrap Count Pincushion, Pick a Color Pillow, Sewing Room Valance (super cute!), and You're a Selvage Superstar Wall Quilt. 

I now also want to check out Nason's Sew a Modern Halloween book (I love her 'Mummy Wants Fabric' mummy selvage quilt on her blog quilt gallery).

This is my seventh book read for the 11th Annual Canadian Book Challenge.


  1. I found her quilting books exactly the same way! I do love this one -- I also thought that it was really original and has some great projects. I don't have nearly enough selvages for anything much more than the pincushion though, LOL. I do like the ornament too - maybe I'll be able to make that.

    1. I definitely agree I may never have enough selvages to do much more than the pincushion, or the ornaments that are also very cute. I'm also wondering where all of the fabulous selvages in the pictures come from...I looked through my fabrics, and none of them are very exciting. May be a future consideration when buying fabric...'Cool selvage? Sold!' :)


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