Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Grey Mask

Grey Mask (Miss Silver, #1)Grey Mask 
by Patricia Wentworth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book in the Miss Silver mystery series. When I compiled my Classics Club list I added this because I had not read any of this series. Since I made the list I realized that I owned Through the Wall, #19 in the series, and I have since read that and Ladies Bane (#22). 
Miss Silver is a a bit like Miss Marple, she knits a great deal, but with the qualities of a very strict school teacher who always seems to know what everyone is up to whether they want her to or not. All of the books I have read so far have been set in England and had interesting, complex plots. The books have a definite golden-age tone to them (they were written between 1928 and 1961). I definitely enjoyed them and will keep reading this series. I was completely surprised by who the villain turned out to be in Grey Mask.
This title could count toward the Back to the Classics challenge as either a classic by a woman or a twentieth-century classic.

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