Monday, December 13, 2021

Nonfiction Reader Challenge 2022

Book'd Out is hosting a 2022 Nonfiction Reader Challenge which I think will be a good companion for me to the non-fiction reading goal I am setting for myself (more about that in a future post).

For this challenge there are 12 categories and the idea is to read one nonfiction book for each of them, or to read any 12 nonfiction books. There are also challenge levels for 3 and 6 books. There is also a set your own goal category (the nonfiction grazer). I am going to participate as a grazer because I plan to read 12 books, but only use some of the defined categories (8 at the most) and then fill in the remaining 4 spots with essentially wild-card selections.

These are the categories I am considering using (with possible titles for each):

Social History

Popular Science



Linked to a podcast

Wild Animals


Published in 2022 

  • Maybe - depends on what comes out this year
The categories I think I will skip are Medical Memoir, Climate/Weather, Reference, and Geography.


  1. Delighted you are joining the challenge, you are certainly well prepared!

  2. Hello, Mary!
    I've also joined this Challenge - I really enjoyed completing last year's Nonfiction Reader Challenge as a "Nonfiction Know-It-All." Thanks for listing some suggestions - I already have a few books waiting on my shelf, but I'm still open to some of the categories. I'll be checking your blog for reviews. In case you're interested, my reviews are on:
    Have a great reading year!


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