Saturday, December 4, 2021

Rumer Godden Reading Week

Brona at This Reading Life is hosting #RumerGoddenReadingWeek this week (12/4-12/12/2021). When she announced it back in October I jumped right in and started reading novels by this new-to-me author. 

I began with Pippa Passes which is a charming story about a young ballet dancer who is figuring out who she is and how to deal with the world around her. It is set in Venice and weaves the city, especially it's churches, into the story. 

I began reading An Episode of Sparrows but it didn't hold my attention and I set it aside.

I have four of her novels on hand at the moment (thanks to my public library) and plan to read at least one of them this week. I wanted extras in case I get through them quickly and have time to read more than one; or one doesn't appeal when I begin it. I am a heartless abandoner of books that aren't working for me so I try to take that into account when planning reading projects.

Here are my options:


  1. Thanks for joining in and sharing the love Mary. I really appreciate it and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Pippa Passes and whichever book you end up reading.

  2. This sounds very good, Mary. I am interested in reading something by Rumer Godden sometime, possibly Black Narcissus. I think I must have read some of her books when I was younger.


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