Friday, February 25, 2022

Can You Read a Series in a Month? Challenge

The folks at Because Reading is Better Than Real Life have issued a challenge for March 2022: To read a whole series (at least 3 books of 250+ pages) during the month of March. I took a look at the series I have been working on and decided to take on this challenge to complete Anne Zouroudi's Greek Detective series. I haven't binge-read a series for a long time and the idea appeals to me at the moment. We'll see how I feel about it in March. I think the toughest part will be getting the books, but I have requested them from the library (except the last one which I have ordered and will give to the library when I finish as they don't have it.)

There are 8 books in this series.

I have read the first 3 books:

  1. The Messenger of Athens
  2. The Taint of Midas
  3. The Doctor of Thessaly

    These are the books I plan to read in March for this challenge:

  4. The Lady of Sorrows
  5. The Whispers of Nemesis 
  6. The Bull of Mithros
  7. The Feast of Artemis
  8. The Gift of Poseidon

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