Wednesday, April 13, 2022

One Half of Robertson Davies

One Half of Robertson DaviesOne Half of Robertson Davies 
by Robertson Davies
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My rating on this collection of essays is an average. Some pieces were 4-stars and some were 2. All the work in this volume began life as a speech and some of the ones that were dull to read might have been perfectly interesting to listen to; the section called "Masks of Satan." for example. "What Every Girl Should Know" was one of my favorites in the collection. It deals with enjoying life and was a speech given to students at a girls' school.
"Many people, and especially many young people, think that variety of sensation is what gives spice to life. They want to do everything, go everywhere, meet everybody, and drink from every bottle. It can't be done. Whoever you are, your energies and your opportunities are limited. Of course you want to try several alternatives in order to find out what suits you, but I hope that ten years from today you will agree with me that the good life is lived not widely, but deeply. It is not doing things, but understanding what you do, that brings real excitement and lasting pleasure." (p. 50)
There were also several pieces that discussed the novels of Charles Dickens and those were quite interesting. This title counts toward the Canadian Reading Challenge.

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