Friday, April 29, 2022


My Stack of Potential Reads
FRIDAY, 4/29/22

Starting tomorrow morning at 8am I will be participating in Dewey's 24-hour Readathon. I have gathered a pile of books, planned for meals, stocked up on snacks and beverages, and cleared my schedule so I can spend as much time as I want to tomorrow reading and visiting fellow readers online. It's not too late to sign up if you want to join the fun.

I will be updating this post with any Q&As or challenges that I decide to join in on as part of the Readathon.

SATURDAY, 4/30/22 

[8:30am] Opening Survey
I am reading today from Manchester, NH. It is cool (40s F) and sunny this morning, but rain is expected. There isn't one book in my stack that I am most looking forward to, but I am excited about several of them including the new Emily St. John Mandel and The Disappearing Spoon. 
I am starting my day with some essays by Anne Lamott from Dusk, Night, Dawn.I am looking forward to chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. The dough is in the freezer ready to slice and bake. Something about me: I have 7 books in-progress at the moment which is more than usual for me, but not by much. My last readathon went well so I expect to do mostly the same stuff. I didn't post much about my progress last time, I expect to post a bit more this time. I also plan to participate in at least one reading sprint. 

[8pm] The Half-Way Point
So far so good. I finished 1 novel, read several essays in my Anne Lamott book, a few chapters in a non-fiction book, and began two other novels. The first one was OK but didn't grab me so I set it aside and picked up something else. I will go back to the first one later. I participated in the hour 4 sprint and will probably do the hour 16 one as well. I had cookies mid-afternoon, which were delicious, and have now finished up supper so am ready for an evening of reading. 

SUNDAY, 5/1/22 

[8am] The End
I had a good readathon this time. I didn't read the whole 24-hours because, as usual, I need to sleep. I finished 2 novels; read 5 Anne Lamott essays and several chapters of a book about laundry; began 2 additional novels that I expect to finish later. 

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  1. 7 books in progress! Wow! And slice & bake me off some of those chocolate chip cookies, please! Happy readathoning!


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