Wednesday, November 2, 2022

NFN: My Year in Nonfiction

Nonfiction November is kicking off (as is traditional) with a look back at the year so far. This first week is hosted at DoingDewey and you can see everyone's responses there. 

I have read 38 nonfiction titles so far this year, across a variety of genres. I had set myself a goal of reading 25 nonfiction titles this year so I am pleased. Last #NonFicNov I compiled a list of TBRs and have read (or began and DNF) 7 of those. 

The books from this year's reading that stand out for me as favorites are Uncommon Carriers by James McPhee and Ninety Nine Glimpses of Princess Margaret by Craig Brown.

I have been reading quite a few books about Readers' Advisory for a project at work and have also read quite a bit of self-help and biography. No one topic has dominated though. 

The nonfiction book I have recommended the most is probably The Lazy Genius Kitchen by Kendra Adachi which is entertaining, encouraging, and full of good solid advice on making your life in the kitchen work better for you (not some imaginary perfect person whose containers always have lids that they can actually find).

I'm looking forward to Nonfiction November as a chance to think back on what I have read and to learn about new-to-me titles from other readers. 

For an overview of Nonfiction November check out the planning post. 


  1. wow, congrats on your 38 books! Only 18 for me this year, so 15% of my total.

  2. Congrats on an excellent year of nonfiction reading, Uncommon Carriers does sound interesting.

  3. I would love to be better at recommending books to people, so I wonder if I should check out some books on Readers' Advisory. I wonder if that would be helpful for a lay person.

    1. There is nothing especially "librariany" about RA books so I think they would be helpful to improved book recommendation skills. I would recommend for you since NF is your main focus. There is a good chance your local public library has this.

  4. I would love to do nothing except advise other readers what to read. That is one of the things I love about my blog and that I loved about being a librarian.


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