Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A: Agatha Raisin

The Agatha Raisin series, by M. C. Beaton focuses on the misadventures, both romantic and criminal, of a woman who has taken early retirement (except when she takes on a client) from a successful PR business in London. Agatha has moved into a darling little cottage in the Cotswolds and acquired cats. It would be wrong to say that Agatha is a nice person, really she isn't. But she is trying to be better. She is vain, and rather shallow, and takes up with the worst men. Despite all these failings there is something I find endearing about her and she can be depended upon to say the thing you would want to say if you weren't too polite. 

The series begins with Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death (I love punny titles!) and the latest installment is As the Pig Turns. To date I have read exactly half the series and have found them all enjoyable. She also writes the Hamish MacBeth series which I have read one of and didn't really care for, the tone was quite different.

This post is part of the Crime Fiction Alphabet 2012 at Mysteries in Paradise.

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