Thursday, September 27, 2012

S: Dorthy Sayers

Dorthy L. Sayers was one of the Queens of Crime whose work reflects the golden age of mystery novels. Her first novel, Whose Body, was published in 1923 and introduced Lord Peter Wimsey. Lord Peter is the hero of fourteen books.

I read all the Sayers novels when I was in college (not for college, just at that time) and recently decided that a re-reading was called for. Lord Peter, and the novels that feature him, are clever and dry and just when you know where you are headed they shift a bit and take you somewhere else.

So far I have re-read Whose Body, Clouds of Witness, and Unnatural Death. I didn't review the last one because all I really had to say about it was Wow! Dorthy Sayers!

This post is part of the Crime Fiction Alphabet 2012 at Mysteries in Paradise. 


  1. Went through a Sayers phase and read most of her books!

  2. I have read all of Sayers books, re-read a couple of the first. I would like to find time to re-read them all also.

  3. I've think the only Wimsey book I've read is a short story which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not sure why that never translated to the rest of the canon but I believe that needs to be rectified fairly soon. Thanks for reminding me. :)


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