Monday, November 26, 2012

2013 Challenges to Consider

In 2012 I began my book blog and took on several reading challenges. I really enjoyed doing them (though I didn't like all the books I ended up reading for them) and am excited to sign on for more reading challenges in 2013.

The last couple of years I have participated in the GoodReads challenge and set a goal of reading 111, then 112 books in a year. I am not going to set 113 as next years' reading goal. I decided that was too crazy. I have decided on a total books read goal of 108 per year which is an average of 9 books per month. That seems manageable to me.

I have a tendency to jump into too many things at once (no one asked you, Todd!) and am trying to restrain myself from going overboard. The Novel Challenges blog (which is excellent, but I probably shouldn't read as it will just get me into trouble) has quite a few 2013 challenges listed already.

In addition to the What's in a Name 6 Challenge and the Canadian Book Challenge 6 (which goes until July 2013) I am considering these reading challenges:

I want to do a color challenge, and both Colorful Reading Challenge (which includes a lot of title suggestions) and Color Coded Reading Challenge seem like good candidates.

There are a number of food-related titles on my TBR list, and the Foodies Read Challenge might inspire me to get to them.

I love mystery novels, and recently discovered some vintage authors I am loving, so the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge is a strong contender for me this year.

I read Death of a Red Heroine recently, which is set in China. I realized that I have not really read a lot of books set outside the United States and that I should. I have started keeping track of European Union books, and am intrigued by both the 7-Continents-7-Billion-People-7-Books Challenge and the Books on France Reading Challenge.

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  1. I have joined 7 challenges for 2013 so far, and have the Canadian Challenge going also. I have probably overextended myself because I can only read about 80 books a year. Anyway, I have done the Vintage Mystery challenge and enjoyed it, and this year I think the rules allow much more leeway in choosing mysteries. I also am aiming to read more books about or set in different countries and joined a five year Around the World in Books challenge. Have fun with all the challenges you join.


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