Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bout of Books Goals

Bout of Books 7.0 Readathon starts at midnight so it is time to set my goals

Time Devoted to ReadingMy schedule this week is a bit more packed than usual, so I won't be able to read a lot more than I usually do, but will make an effort to fit in more than normal. I plan to read (instead of watching TV) each evening that I am home (probably only 2); read right before going to sleep (which I almost always do anyway); and listen to audiobooks while driving to and from work. The weekend should be available for a lot of reading. One day I am committed to brewing a batch of raspberry beer (yum!), but the other day looks free for reading at this point.

My Goals
  • I want to finish as many books as possible for the Canadian Book Challenge 6. I need to finish, and write about, 3 more books before July 1st  to complete this challenge. I am about 100 pages into the latest Alan Bradley and have a stack of possible options for the final 2 titles for the year.
  • I want to finish the audio book I am currently listening to and make a good start (at least) on one of the other books loaded on my mp3 player right now.
  •  I have a couple of business-y books checked out of the library at the moment and it would be good to get those read.
  • I want to check out 3 (new to me) participant blogs each day.
  • I will decide about the BoB Activities on a day-by-day basis. Some of them sound very cool, so if I can find time for them I will.
  •  I don't plan to play along on Twitter as I am not a big user of it and it would take away too much reading time. I will probably browse throught the feed on the BoB site a couple times though.
  • My husband (TRR) agreed to read along, because if he watches TV so will I. His goal is to finish the book he is currently reading, Path of Daggers,  and read as much as possible of NOS4A2 which he just picked up from the library. 

Books to Read
  •  In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson (audiobook currently in progress)
  • Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley (currently in progress, though it may be done before BoB7)
  • Whatever books from my piles strike my fancy and (hopefully) also fit with my goals for the week
I will do an update post each day, probably during my lunch break, to report my progress for the previous day.

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