Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: This Book is Full of Spiders

This Book Is Full of Spiders (John Dies at the End, #2)This Book Is Full of Spiders by David Wong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Page turning midwestern zombie apocolypse fun with clever writing, insight into the fate of the universe (you don't want to know) and truly excellent cover art. The subtitle, which is a little note on the cover, is Seriously Dude, Don't Touch It. Several times I had to stop and read parts (the less spidery ones) to my husband because they were just funny. There were bits that seemed true as well.
"It was a wet, chilled morning under a lethargic November sky that had rolled out of bed and thrown on a old, gray, grease-stained T-shirt." (p. 44) 
"She suddenly realized that she'd rather have David or John, either one, armed with a baseball bat, than any of these guys and their video game hardware. David and John had a look in their eye when things went bad--a sad but resigned familairity. They weren't trained for violence and maybe weren't particularily competent at it, but they weren't going to go pee in the corner, either. Both of them had come from bad homes, both had gotten hit quite a bit as kids and maybe that's all it was. Maybe they just understood something about the world and were more ready for it when things took a turn. She didn't see that look in any of these suburban kids." (p.221) 
I am adding Wong's previous book, John Dies at the End to my TBR list.

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