Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cooking the Books Review

The Complete Cooking Light Cookbook, compiled and edited by Cathy A. Wesler (Oxmoor House, 2000).

I'm not much for cooking "light" so when my sister and my mom both recommended this book I was doubtful. My sister went ahead and bought it for me for Christmas anyway and I am glad she did. This is basically the go-to cookbook in our house. When we go away to the lake for a week, this is the only cookbook I bring with us because I can count on finding whatever it occurs to us to eat while we are there in this one volume.  The recipes are all pretty clearly explained and I have found that the prep/cook time estimates are accurate.

Among my very favorite recipes included here are cajun shrimp (I have made all 3 of the recipes on that page and they were all good); apricot scones; pork tenderloin with rosemary and garlic; french chicken in vinegar sauce with pepper-spiked polenta (my husband's favorite); and skillet beef burgundy.

This book would make a great wedding or housewarming gift. If this were the only cookbook you had you could eat very well for a long time.


  1. Those recipes all sound delicious. I am a big fan of polenta. Also rosemary!

  2. I always loved that magazine, which I've gotten on and off over the years). I'll have to check out the book. I love it that it can get you through a whole week at the lake. Oh and I'm also happy to know the time estimates seem to be accurate.

    1. Oddly enough I have never liked the magazine -- too many weird fake foods used. The cookbook has a lot fewer recipes that call for non-fat-low-sodium-cheese-substitute than there seem to be in the magazine.

  3. I actually get Cooking Light magazine, so I would probably like this one.

  4. I've also subscribed on and off to the magazine & have always found any recipe we've made to consistently tasty.


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