Sunday, June 25, 2017

It's Almost Canada Day!

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that Lisa and I have both been reading and posting about Canadian books much more frequently than usual in the past several weeks. That is because it will be Canada Day on July 1 and that is the deadline for completing the 10th Canadian Book Challenge. Lisa has completed her 13 books (Hurray for Lisa!) and I have 1 to go.

Starting on Canada Day we will both be participating in the 11th Canadian Book Challenge which is moving to a new home this year at The Indextrious Reader. This is a fun challenge, I have participated for for several years now and have discovered lots of great Canadian writers I didn't know about before. I encourage you to jump in as well.

If you want to celebrate Canada Day here in New Hampshire, Great North Aleworks is the place to be on July 1. (Neither Lisa nor I will probably get much reading done that day as we will both be there!)

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  1. One to can do it Mary! After a couple of years of not completing the challenge, I'm happy I finally got it done! And thanks for the shout out to our Canada Day celebrations!


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