Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lisa's Review: Beerology

Beerology by Mirella Amato

My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Beerology is a guide to most things beer related: including what beer is, different styles, how to pour & serve beer, how to taste, pairing beer with food, and much more. The author, Mirella Amato, is the first non-US resident to become a Certified Master Cicerone, which is an impressive feat. That title, along with many others she holds, means she is extremely qualified on the subject of beer.

I think this book would be an excellent read and resource for someone who is starting to have an interest in beer and is eager to learn more. Amato presents the information in a way that is interesting, engaging, and easily understood. I'm looking forward to trying out a couple of the recipes for beer cocktails.  

This is my tenth book read for the 10th Annual Canadian Book Challenge.


  1. Hmm, sounds interesting and a perfect fit for some beer aficionados I know! Thanks for sharing. With the rise of microbreweries everywhere I find so many more people are interested in exploring further.

  2. I enjoyed this book and have met Mirella a couple times (very nice person) ...


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