Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk

Lillian Boxfish Takes a WalkLillian Boxfish Takes a Walk
by Kathleen Rooney
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a charming novel about a life-long love affair with New York City. On new year's eve 1984 an elderly Lillian Boxfish decides to take a walk through Manhattan and between the various interactions with people along her route we learn, through flashbacks,  the story of her life. This is a feisty old lady and I really liked her.
"While I treasured the occasional rural retreat ... the suburbs had always seemed mealy and unresolved. I understood that their in-between-ness--neither town nor country!--was supposed to be their very appeal, but I didn't find it appealing. I always wanted either to be in, or get away from the city, not just be close to the city. Were I off in the pastoral hills shingling my own roof or riding a horse, well then, what fun. And were I catching the subway for a night at the opera, well then, hooray. But int he suburbs I could enhoy none of those pursuits with ease." (p. 185)
This novel completes my 2017 What's in a Name Challenge as it includes the letter X in the title.

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