Saturday, December 29, 2018

Back to the Classics 2018 Wrap Up

Back to the Classics 2018 hosted at Books and Chocolate is one of my 2018 reading challenges. I committed to read at least 6 books for this one, each in a different one of the 12 defined categories. The challenge host asked for contact info in the wrap up post. Mine is maryarussell (at)

I read books for 9 categories:
If you want to get in on this challenge the sign-ups are open for Back to the Classics 2019. I will be signing up shortly. 


  1. Pickwick Papers for a travel narrative...I wouldn't have thought of that, but quite true. Nice choices, well done.

    1. Thanks! I was not expecting to complete 9 books for this but when I was 3/4 through Pickwick it dawned on me that it was the story of a journey and that ticked off a ninth possibility.

  2. Good choices, and a nice variety of classics there. I am looking forward to this challenge in 2019.


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