Sunday, December 27, 2020

Reading Plans for 2021

These are the things I am planning for my 2021 reading life:

To read 100 books (this is my usual GoodReads goal)

February - participate in the Wolf Hall readalong at Brona's books 

October -- Three Musketeers Read along at One Catholic Life

Read 10 books from classics club list (incl. 6 for Back to the Classics Challenge)

Read for the Canadian Book Challenge (deadline is July 1 for current year)

Read some poetry books (my own goal)

Read 10 works of non-fiction (my own goal)

Doing the Turtle Recall challenge

See if I can read books published in the years I am missing to have read a book published in each year of the 20th century (I plan to blog about this project later in January)

Read books from my shelves, inspired by The Unread Shelf project.

Start posting a Book Report (basically a "what I read, or tried to read, last month" summary) the first week of each month.

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