Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Unread Shelf Project 2021

April additions - batch 1
I didn't post a March update on this project because
April additions - batch 2

there was very little to report. I didn't complete either the actual challenge or any of the bonus challenges. 

The April Unread Shelf Challenge was to read a book you bought in a used book store. That is where many of the books on my shelves came from so that seemed do-able. I ended up visiting two new-to-me used bookstores during the month and added a stack of purchases to my shelves. Some of them are not owned-but-not-read as they are favorites I have read and wanted my own copies of. I finished reading two of these titles during the month (Break In by Dick Francis and a Martha Grimes mystery) so that challenge was met. 

The May challenge is to read a book you bought as a new release which I almost never do, so that one may be tough for me. 

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