Saturday, May 1, 2021

April Book Report

April 2021
I finished 12 books last month.

A quote from this month's reading:

'I feel one shouldn't go into learned societies or libraries smelling of drink,' said Mark, at his most prim. 'It might create the wrong impression.'
'Oh, I hadn't thought of that,' said Miss Clovis, sipping her dark foamy drink. 'I don't suppose anyone would notice. Of course, it's all right for librarians to smell of drink,' she added jovially.

                    --Less Than Angels by Barbara Pym 

Here is my progress toward various goals and challenges:

Here are the books I finished in April 2021: 
  1. Less Than Angels by Barbara Pym (3 stars)
  2. The Temptation of Forgiveness by Donna Leon (audiobook, 3-stars)
  3. The Five Bells and Bladebone by Martha Grimes (3-stars)
  4. Tales of Manhattan by Louis Auchincloss (short-stories, 3-stars)
  5. Mort by Terry Pratchett (4-stars)
  6. Under the Big Top by Bruce Feiler (4-stars)
  7. Paw and Order by Spencer Quinn  (audiobook, 3-stars)
  8. Quartet in Autumn by Barbara Pym (3-stars)
  9. Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done by Charlie Gilkey (4-stars) -- I was inspired to read this after hearing the author on the Beyond the To Do List podcast
  10. Break In by Dick Francis (4-stars)
  11. Too Many Cooks by Rex Stout (3-stars)
  12. Nine Lessons by Nicola Upson (4-stars)
I have a classic club book and 2 non-fiction books in progress, one of which is by a Canadian author, and I hope to finish those in May so I will have some progress on those challenges. I abandoned some books in April, including Bring up the Bodies (it was good, but I was not in the right frame of mind for it) and The Liar's Dictionary (which was definitely not for me). 

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  1. That is a nice month of reading. I put Under the Big Top on my Want to Read list at Goodreads, so I won't forget about it. I would like to read something by Barbara Pym someday. The tulips look lovely.


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