Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Cruising Through the Cozies 2022

Socrates' Book Reviews is hosting Cruising Through the Cozies (the 12th annual) in 2022 and I plan to play along. I am committing to reading 10 books (the snoop level) and will follow option B which means reading one book for each of 10 defined sub-genres.

I have listed the sub-genres below with a possible cozy title for each. It is very likely I will read ten entirely different books than what I have listed, but this gives me a starting point. 

Reviews are not required for this challenge, which is good because while I enjoy reading cozies I rarely have much to say about them. I participated in this challenge in 2019 as well.


  1. Thanks for joining Mary. Welcome back! You have a great list. Enjoy your books.

  2. This sounds so enjoyable! And without the 'burden' of having to do the reviews too!

    I am going to investigate - even choosing the books looks like fun. The only one of yours I've read is Murder in Mesopotamia, but several people have recommended the Aunt Dimity books and also God Rest ye, Royal Gentlemen.

    Thanks for telling us about this one.


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