Thursday, February 10, 2022

Turtle Recall Planning

There are 10 books left in the Discworld series that I have not read (not counting the .5 volumes). I signed up to read 5 books for the Turtle Recall Challenge in 2022 and decided that I should plan out my reading a bit. I have been reading randomly through the series for years, so I have a book left here and there in the various sub-series. For a change I am going to read the remaining books in order within the sub-series. I have made my list and requested the books from the library so I should get one basically every-other month.

  1. Soul Music (Death #3) is on my reading pile now.
  2. Eric (Rincewind #5) requested for April
  3. Jingo (City Watch #4) requested for June
  4. Pyramids (Discworld #7) requested for August
  5. Interesting Times (Rincewind #5) requested for October
That will complete the Death sub-series and the City Watch sub-series for me and leave these books still to look forward to:
  1. Small Gods (Discworld #13)
  2. The Last Hero (Rincewind #7)
  3. Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (Discworld #28)
  4. Lords and Ladies (Witches #4)
  5. Maskerade (Witches #5)

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