Sunday, October 9, 2022

Challenge Check-in: Odds and Ends

 In hopes of completing my various reading challenges by the end of the year I posted check-ins this week on the various challenges and what I have left to read if I am going to complete them. This is my final check-in post.

Cruisin' Through the Cozies Challenge

I have one book left to read for this: a paranormal mystery. I am currently reading a book that fits this category so I should be all set with this. 

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge

I was done with this months ago and foolishly decided to increase my goal from 5 to 10. I have 4 books left to read to meet the new goal. My current audio-book is an historical mystery so that will leave 3 more to read in the next 12 weeks. (Yes, there are only 12 weeks left in 2022!)

Turtle Recall

I have read 4 Terry Pratchett books so far this year: Eric, Jingo, Pyramids, and Soul Music (the only one I blogged about). That leaves one book left to complete this challenge and I picked up Interesting Times at the library this week so I am in good shape with this challenge.

TBR Pile Challenge

I have read 10 out of the required 12 books for this challenge. I'm not sure this one will get finished, but it is already MUCH closer than I have ever gotten to finishing this particular challenge so I am pleased. These are my remaining options for completing this:

  • Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson 
  • Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs 
  • Walden by Henry David Thoreau
  • Biography: Fiction, Fact, and Form by Ira Nadel (I started this, but it is slow going)

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