Saturday, June 1, 2013

Challenge Update - May 2013

I am doing well with most of my challenges. I participated in the Bout of Books Readathon which was really fun and encouraged me to read a lot toward my challenges.

I have one more book to read for the Canadian Book Challenge which ends on July 1. I am currently reading a book of Robertson Davies essays which will be book #13. In May I finished Twenty Six, Speaking from Among the Bones, and Anne of Green Gables. Anne was a hat-trick as it also counted toward the  Colorful Reading Challenge (4/9) and Classics Club.

To meet my Classics Club goal of 50 books over 5 years I need to read 10 books each year (September to September is my "year" for this). I have read 8 books since last September and have 2 that I have committed to read in June as part of  Classics Spin and 18th Century English Literature in June. I think I am going to plan to read at least 12 books each year so that I can spend a whole year on a huge book (probably The Decameron).

I have completed at least the minimum number of books committed to for the Vintage Mystery Challenge (11/8), the Foodies Read Challenge (4/4-8), and the Books About Books Challenge (6/6-10 books). I really like all three of these challenges and may move up to a higher level in each of them, but I have decided to focus on my other challenges first.

I have read 3/6 books in the What's in a Name Challenge. I still need to find books with "something you'd find in your kitchen," "a party or celebration," and "fire" in the titles. Suggestions would be welcome.

I need to read one more chunkster for the Tea & Books Challenge and am working up to taking on a huge biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge has kind of disappeared from the blogosphere, but the Reading with Tequila blog which hosted it recently reappeared so I am going to hold off on abandoning this challenge.

I am a few books ahead of schedule  (at 50%) with my Goodreads goal of 101 books in 2013.


  1. I have some suggestions for titles with fire (Wings of Fire by Charles Todd, The Fire Baby by Jim Kelly, Some By Fire by Stuart Pawson, Dying Flames by Robert Barnard) and something from the kitchen (A Night of Long Knives by Rebecca Cantrell). Since I doing that challenge, although I have one done two so far.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! The Todd, The Pawson, and the Barnard all look like I would like them. Now I have no excuse for not reading a fire book.


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