Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bloggiesta - The List

The last item on my bloggiesta to-do list was "Compile a list of blogging stuff I want to do/learn more about in the near future." Here is that list.
Crossed off items got done.
  • Bookish Comforts has a tutorial about backing up a blogger blog -- I need to watch that and then back up my blogs. There is another tutorial on this at The Book Vixen.
  •  Check out the new GoodReads policy that came up in Saturday's twitter chat. It has to do with personal posts about authors and author guidelines on the site.
  • Look into setting up commentLUV (Love at First Book uses it and it is cool!)
  • I might want to make a button. PicMonkey and GIMP were both suggested during Saturday's chat as good tools for this. Mission to Read has a helper post on this topic. I also came across a post at Book Bloggers International about using PicMonkey.
  • Create a page for "the fine print" where policies will go when I write them.
  • Write a review policy -- even though I don't accept books for review I should probably have a statement to that effect (another thing from Saturday's twitter chat).
  • Figure out how to make the "related posts" link at the bottom of my posts and decide if it works on my blog or not. Might be good for Book Notes as well. 
  • Write a comment policy.
  • Consider creating a review archive -- might also want a BOW archive for Book Notes. Could be by author, by title, by year read, whatever.
  • Check out ways to do links on a post, like Mr. Linky and InLinkz
  • Brainstorm topics for each of my blogs -- inspired by post at My Little Pocketbooks
  • From Angela's Anxious Life:  Maybe make a page not found??
  • I have an idea for a series of posts that could be a meme -- I need to make a button for it, figure out the linky thing, and then decide whether this is crazy to take on.  I decided to use the idea as a series of Book Notes posts, 3 on a theme, rather than as a meme.
  • Spiff up my twitter page a bit and add a follow link to my blog
  • Make sure to sign up for the next Bloggiesta!
  • Consider making a FaceBook page for my blog -- the IFTTT thing would make managing this a lot easier. I decided having an FB page for this blog doesn't accomplish anything for me and would just be another thing to deal with. I am using the IFTTT thing to post content from Book Notes to the Center for the Book FB page and it works great.

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