Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hello Fall!

Today is the first day of Fall (it begins at 4:44pm EDT to be precise). So, it seems like a good day to report on how I did on my summer reading. I don't usually commit myself to lists of specific books to read in a given timeframe, but the Top Ten Tuesday meme inspired me.
Here is what happened with my summer reading list:
  1. A Farewell to Arms by E. Hemingway
    It was my Classics Club spin book and I finished it on time. I gave it one star. I think I was generous.
  2. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
    I committed to reading this for the 18th Century English Literature event but I couldn't get through it. It was officially abandoned.
  3. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
    Read this for Austen in August with Classics Club.
  4. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
    Another Austen in August book -- I didn't get to this one. I did read some other Austen stuff though.
  5. A Few Green Leaves by Barabara Pym
    I read it, I liked it (3 stars), but didn't have much to say about it so didn't write a review. Same deal with Excellent Women (4 stars).
  6. Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger
    Excellent start to a new series from the creator of the Parasol Protectorate.
  7. Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier
    This remains on my to-be-read (TBR) list.
  8. Cinnamon Toast and the End of the World by Janet E. Cameron
    This remains on my TBR list and I'm looking forward to it based on Lisa's review
  9. The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorthy Sayers
    I finished this one and am still working on my Sayers re-read project.
  10. Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore
    This one belongs to my husband, and is still in his to read pile so I am still waiting for my turn.
I did read a bunch of other books over the summer, but they weren't the ones that I thought I would read when I made the list. Planned reading lists are not my thing. My quilting friends tease me for being unable to follow a pattern without totally changing the design/technique/etc. This may be a related issue.

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