Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bloggiesta - Mini-challenges

One of the items on my bloggiesta to-do list was "Check out the mini-challenges and complete at least one." 
I decided that my Bloggiesta Saturday would be all about the mini-challenges. Here are the mini-challenges I took on:

  •  How to Host a Giveaway at The Book Monsters
    I haven't hosted a giveaway, but it sounds pretty do-able. The Book Depository seems like a great way to send books to lots of places around the world. Rafflecopter (which I have entered givaways with) looks like the way to go with this. There may be a giveaway in my blogging future.

  • Post Brainstorming at My Little Pocketbooks
    Some excellent suggestions for post topics! The list of memes she pointed out at Readerbuzz has some cool ones I may want to play along with. (There is also a good list of memes at GirlXOXO.) The post suggestions in Help! Unique to You and Lists also seem like ideas that might work for me. I wanted to comment on this excellent post, but Disqus refused to let me in.
  • Digital DeCluttering at Books a True Story
    I'm pretty obsessive about stuff going in folders, so I didn't have a ton to do for this challenge, but I did spend some time cleaning up folders of picture files and I cleared out the 75 files in my download folder.
  • Book Blogging Heroes at Book Bloggers International
    I chose option 1 and visited 3 new blogs from among the bloggers who had been interviewed on the site. (I read a bunch of the interviews because they were so interesting). I visited (and plan to visit again):  
  • I worked on How to Use IFTTT at Book Vixen, but didn't complete the mini-challenge because I had some problems getting my recipe to work correctly. I will keep playing around with it though as it seems like a great tool.
  • I also want to mention How to Make GoodReads Work for You at The Book Addict's Guide which was a great post full of information about all the stuff you can do with GoodReads. I have used GoodReads for many years and already use all the bells and whistles so there was nothing for me to complete in this challenge. 

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  1. Giveaways are so fun! Pretty easy too :) I haven't done one in forever because I'm flat broke. Oh yay glad you got some digital decluttering done. I am so not good at organizing digital stuff. I loved IFTTT too. I hope my recipe works - I won't know till monday :)


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