Thursday, December 12, 2013

Books About Books 2013 Challenge Wrap Up

Books About Books 2013 is hosted at manuscripts & marginalia (formerly mint condition). I really like books about books (I classify them as "librariana" on my reading list) and thought I would read a lot for this. It turns out I met the challenge, but didn't get into it the way I thought I might. Each month the host blog has posted a set of questions about your reading that month which I have been totally remiss in answering. For my wrap-up post I will answer at least some of the questions (better late then never, right?) 
Which book(s) did you complete? What were your overall impressions?
I read Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour Bookstore
The Book Club; Craftng a Life in Story, Essay, Poem; The Merry HeartJudging a Book by its Lover; Killer Librarian; How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read. I wrote one post about the last three listed. Overall they rated an average of about 3.5 stars out of 5 -- which could mean anything and thus proves that averages are useless as book ratings.
How did your choice(s) inform your love or appreciation for books? The Merry Heart and Mr. Penumbra both reminded me why books are so wonderful. 
Would you recommend your book(s) to others? To whom would you recommend the book(s)? Why? If you like cozy mysteries Killer Librarian is worth a read.  It has a good plot and a very appealing librarian/detective. If you like books at all you must read Merry Heart because Robertson Davies explains books (and the world) in a way that no one else can. Mr. Penumbra is a perfect blend of bookishness and tech-nerdiness which will appeal to readers (like myself) who are a bit of both.  Crafting a Life is an excellent book for an aspiring (or practicing) writer as it is full of tips and good advice.

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