Saturday, July 2, 2022

Six Degrees of Separation

 The #6degrees meme is hosted at Books are my Favourite and Best

This month the chain begins with Wintering by Katherine May which I began but did not finish. The topic sounded really interesting to me, but I found the author's experiences did not resonate with me at all. It was not a book for me. 

I'm going to begin my chain this time with a book that was for me: (1) The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I was a huge fan of these books as a kid. I got the next one in the series each Christmas from my Grandma throughout elementary school and still have a lovely matching set of these books. 

Continuing along the path of seasonal books from my youth when I was in high school my Mom recommended (2) Seventeenth Summer by Maureen Daly to me. I read it and really liked it, and it has stuck with me (more as a feeling than the details) ever since. Crossing from summer to winter is a major element in (3) Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett so I am using that title to transition back to winter and another recommendation from my Mom. She told me repeatedly that I should read the work of Rosamunde Pilcher which I did not do until fairly recently when I read (4) Winter Solstice. I loved this book and should have listened to my Mom sooner. 

A totally different kind of book with winter in the title, and which I also enjoyed, is (5) If on a Winter's Night a Traveller by Italo Calvino. This is a book about reading a book and is extremely clever. Another book that breaks the fourth wall in a similar way is (6) The French Lieutenant's Woman by John Fowles.

Sorry there is no picture on this post. Phixr, which I have used and loved for years to create images for my blog closed up shop and I haven't found a replacement tool yet. Suggestions welcome!


  1. Great idea of chain! And Calvino's is so awesome!

  2. Good job. I love that you mention the French Lieut Woman! That was a book that amazed me my first month in college in 1980! Also you can get the book pictures from goodreads or Amazon. Just save them as a JPEG . Leave me a message if that doesn't make sense.

  3. Nice. It has been years since I read The French Lieutenant's Woman! As for a picture... I use PowerPoint to make my pictures. I put them all onto a blank presentation, group them and then save as a picture. You might also see what you can do with Canva.


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