Monday, May 20, 2013

Bout of Books - Sunday Wrap up

Report on day 7 of Bout of Books 7.0
I read less on Sunday  than on Saturday, but still did pretty well.  I didn't listen to any of my audio-book. I did visit 3 new-to-me book blogs. I also helped TRR make a batch of raspberry beer.

I finished the Ngaio Marsh mystery I started Saturday and read about half of Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. TRR read 145 pages of  NOS4A2 on Sunday. 

Overall I had a great time doing the readathon and I feel like I met my goals.

  • I finished Anne of Green Gables and Speaking from Among the Bones, both of which count toward the Canadian Book Challenge 6. This leaves me with 1 more book to read and write about by July 1st  to complete this challenge.
  • I didn't finish my audio book, but was within 20 minutes of the end on Sunday night and listened to the rest on Monday morning. 
  • I also finished Lord Edgware Dies and Death in a White Tie.
  • On closer examination I decided that the business-y books I had checked out of the library didn't interest me that much and they went back unread.
  • I visited  3 (new to me) participant blogs each day, and a few other ones that looked interesting and were linked from the participant blogs I visited. I discovered that there are a lot of very nice book blogs out there talking about whole genres of books I have no interest in (I had no idea there were so many vampire romances being published!) I also found a couple very well-written blogs that seem to have a lot of overlap with my reading interests and which will be added to my blogroll shortly.
  • My husband (TRR) did a great job with his goal to finish the book he was reading, Path of Daggers,  and read as much as possible of NOS4A2 (500+ pages read). 
 I probably won't participate in the August Bout of Books (it is a really busy week for me), but I will probably participate in some future Bout of Books.


  1. How are you finding Z? I have a copy of it and can't wait to start it!
    Glad that you managed to meet your goals :)

    1. I am liking Z. I think I might like it better if I knew less about Zelda F's life. I know what is coming and it makes it all a bit harrowing. It is similar in a lot of ways to Loving Frank.

  2. I'm glad readathon was successful for you! It's nice that your husband semi-participated too, my boyfriend definitely tends to read more as well when he sees me nose in the book often. :)


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