Sunday, December 30, 2018

Mount TBR 2019 Challenge

Bev at My Reader's Block is hosting the Mount TBR challenge again in 2019 and I decided to give it a try. I did a TBR (to be read) pile challenge a few years ago and it did not work for me. I felt a lot of guilt about my lack of progress and developed a loathing for the 12 unread books that I was "supposed" to be reading. I generally read library books, but I do seem to have quite a few books piled up that I bought or was given and haven't gotten read yet. The rules of the Mount TBR challenge are different from the one I tried before and I think it might go better for me. The primary difference is that I don't have to make a list ahead of time, I can tally the books as I "climb" the piles.
There are various levels (mountains) you can commit to for the challenge and after some assessment of my shelves I have decided on Mt. Vancouver (36 books). There are various rules about rereads and such and monthly linkups, all collected at Mount TBR Climbing Headquarters. The rules that seem most relevant for me are that books must be owned as of 1/1/2019, you don't have to blog about the book for it to count, and that if I abandon a book--for me that means I read at least 50 pages and never intend to pick it up again--it counts as done. (I am adding a rule for myself that I need to get rid of the physical book before I can count it as done in the case of abandoned titles).
I will be listing my completed books here and if I blog about them I will link to the individual posts.

1. Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness by Ingrid Fetell Lee (finished 1/5/19)
2. A Wild Sheep Chase (The Rat, #3) by Haruki Murakami (finished 1/6/19)
3.  Better Dead by Pamela Kopfler (finished 1/9/19)
4. The Last Bookaneer by Matthew Pearl (finished 2/20/19)
5. Eminent Victorians by Lytton Strachey (finished 5/6/19)
6. Kingdom of the Blind by Louise Penny (finished 5/24/19)
7. The Sound and the Furry by Spencer Quinn (finished 8/12/19)
8. Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding (finished 9/2019)
9. Living a Literary Life by Carolyn See (finished 9/2/19-reread)
10. Strong Poison by Dorthy Sayers (finished 10/26/2019-reread)
11. A Shot in the Dark by Lynne Truss (finished 11/8/2019)

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