Sunday, March 20, 2022

ABC's of Winter

Girl XOXO posted a
Winter ABC's which were a reflection back on her winter. The Winter ABCs at Rhyme and Ribbons, which was a look ahead at goals for winter, was cited as the inspiration.  Both are nice ideas and I was inspired to create my own ABC post as an opportunity, on this last day of winter 2022, to look back on my winter season. 

Almonds -- Marcona almonds were a delicious treat from Sahadi's this winter

Blogging -- I have been very active (for me) on this blog and I have enjoyed writing and participating in memes

Christmas -- I visited Rockefeller Center and the tree was spectacular

Duolingo -- I did a French lesson every day  

Edna Ferber -- a new-to-me classic author whose work I enjoyed this season

Five -- I read 5 books this winter that I gave 5-stars to

Grateful -- That I have so many wonderful friends and relatives

Homebrewing -- I made a batch of homebrew for the first time in years 

Ice -- There was too much of it this year!

Jello -- Got me through a sore throat (green is my favorite)

Knitting -- Fabulous socks knitted by my friend Sally kept my toes warm
Ladybug -- I read a lot of picture books this year for the Ladybug Picture Book Award

Museum -- In December I visited the Museum of Modern Art in NYC which was just as fabulous as I remembered it being

Nineteen Crimes -- a go-to wine selection at my house

Oranges -- A winter staple, especially the little sweet ones

Plants -- My Christmas cactus has bloomed several times this season

Quilting -- Didn't finish much this winter, but had some fun weekends working on quilts with my friends

Radishes -- Discovered that they are delicious roasted

Scones -- Homemade ones have been a semi-regular treat

Tea -- Enjoyed a variety of herbal and black teas during the cold weather

Used books -- Have visited several NH used bookstores and library sales which are fun to explore and I have found some great titles to add to my shelves

Vera -- Discovered this new-to-me mystery series 

Windows -- After wanting them for 20 years I finally got new basement windows

eXcited -- that winter is wrapping up and spring weather will be here soon

Yoga -- Have been taking a couple of classes each week since January; hope to maintain that all year

Zzz -- Lovely lavender flannel sheets kept me warm and comfy

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