Monday, June 30, 2014

Lisa's Review: Bad Guys

Bad Guys by Linwood Barclay

My Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Bad Guys is the second in Linwood Barclay's Zack Walker series. After finishing and enjoying Bad Move a few weeks ago, Bad guys immediately went on my 'to read' list.

In Bad guys, Zack has taken a hiatus from science fiction writing to writing feature articles for the newspaper. In research for an article, he
finds himself tagging along with a PI for a stake-out. In comedic fashion, a series of unfortunate events unfolds & Zack finds himself trying to solve a crime. If that weren't enough, the ever safety conscious Zack is also trying to appease his uneasy feeling of his daughter's 'stalker'.

Bad Guys contained a lot of what I really enjoyed about Bad Move - a lot of things that happened were completely predictable, but Barclay's writing was entertaining and comedic. While reading, the mention of one thing definitely made you think..."how will this be used later in the book?". This plays into the predictability, but I also think makes it satisfying that Barclay really ties up all loose ends.

I really appreciated the humorous parts of Bad Guys - , the true "Bad Guy" has an obsession with Barbies (really, it's not weird, rather a bit clever)...and just an example of what made me laugh out loud:

"Where's your gun?" I asked.
"Tucked into the back of my pants," he said. I looked around, saw it, couldn't help but think that he had a butt sticking out of his butt. Funny how the mind works.

Yes, childish, I know, but makes me laugh...I look forward to Zack Walker #3.   

This is my thirteenth book read for the 7th Annual Canadian Book Challenge. Yeah, that means I finished!!


  1. Hurray Lisa! I knew you could do it.

  2. Thanks Mary! And thank you for allowing me to guest post on your blog for this challenge, much appreciated! I'm looking forward to getting a head start on the next one...Happy Canada Day, eh? :)


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